Spring News

Happy Spring!

I hope you are enjoying the warmth of the sun on your skin and the smell of orange blossoms in the air! It's another spectacular sunny day here in la-la land. I'm currently juggling multiple gardens; digging up, planting, weeding, replacing, pruning and marveling at the sight of emerging leaves, buds, and blossoms on flowering plants and fruit trees

Speaking of fruit...musically speaking, this past year has been very fruitful. I recorded a new solo CD! For this project, I made a few trips to to Nashville where it felt like I'd gone to music heaven - recording on Music Row in a studio where the walls were silent witnesses of the songs and voices of so many famous artists, past and present. During each visit, I was treated to the amazing hospitality of close friends who had long ago left Southern California and settled in Nashville. This CD, my 3rd solo project, is nearly complete, and I look forward to rolling it out soon. 

In other news, I recently "signed" a multi-song deal with a great company in New York. I Can't wait to get some of these songs pitched and placed in film, TV and commercials! 

I wish you all a Very Happy Spring! I'll keep you posted about new shows...then you can come and see me so I can see you!!!

Linda G