April 2018

Hello out there! I hope and pray that all is well in your world as I write. Today is a great day! Beyond the fact that it is sunny and warm outside, I am very blessed to be able to bring words and music together into units known as "songs." There are all kinds of songs in the world, to be sure. In part, because of my training with the wonderful Harriet Schock, and having participated in many of her group songwriting classes, I don't try to write "hit songs" but "heart songs." I don't mean that in the corny way it might sound, but truly, the songs that I desire to write, come from a place of the internal authenticity of who I am; my history, my experience, my thoughts and responses to past and present circumstances, good, bad or somewhere in between. (To be continued...) Check out my calendar, and maybe I will see you at the Pasadena Library Auditorium on June 23rd at 11am!