Touching_hearts_with_harmony.pdf Linda Geleris recently learned to  play the dulcimer. She has been  practicing her technique by  watching YouTube videos of  singer Joni Mitchell play the  unique instrument.     Geleris called herself a songwriter at heart who  started at 14 or 15 years old, but who didn't  delve fully into her talent until after the birth of  her third child, who is now 15.     I decided then to take the gifts that were given  me and move forward with music, whatever  that looked like," Geleris said.    The Glendora resident started by pouring her  feelings into song lyrics and arrangements,  followed by networking with other musicians to  learn the ins and outs of getting her work  heard. During her first networking mission, she  made friendships that ultimately led to her  original song "Call Me Crazy" being featured in  the 1997 Columbia Tri-Star film "Implicated."    Since then, Geleris, a former high school  teacher, has released two CDs, including her  latest "If I Only Had a Minute," as well as  founded a songwriters network (website” - Michelle E. Buttelman

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SongNet connects and mentors artists By Michelle J. Mills, Staff Writer Posted: 02/04/2010 03:16:23 PM PST Jimi Yamagishi performs at the SongNet Songwriter's Showcase which he leads on the third Wednesday of every month at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena. Jimi Yamagishi grew up in East Los Angeles surrounded by music. In the 1970s, he began making his own joyful noise, singing and playing guitar in church. Soon, he formed Inspirit, which toured throughout California, followed by the band Revelation. Armed with a good reputation, he was asked to fill in as the bass player for Everlasting, which led to a full-time gig through the '80s. The '90s brought Yamagishi to Selah Cafe, a multi-genre, guitar-based instrumental group and the opportunity to do some solo work on the side. But the sunshine was fading, as Yamagishi was working in the Asian-American Christian Community and the record labels didn't think his music was marketable. So he started his own label and joined SongNet, an organization for songwriters, musicians, artists and music industry professionals. The group sponsors events, seminars, showcases and collaboration. "SongNet is an organization which provides a connection between the music industry and community," Yamagishi said. SongNet was started in 1999 by Los Angeles songwriter Linda Geleris. She felt isolated early in her career and, realizing many creative types felt the same, Geleris decided to form a group to provide networking and support. Meetings began once a month at Beantown, a coffee shop in Sierra Madre. By 2001, SongNet had grown extensively, so Geleris asked Yamagishi to take over for her as its director. The group moved to Borders bookstore in Pasadena and later, with the support of Bob Stane, relocated to his venue, the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena. SongNet has now spread worldwide and its membership continues to grow. . . .  "SongNet is one avenue to bring your music to the next level. It is a place for all kinds of music." (626) 962-8811 Ext. 2128 SONGNET Los Angeles Songwriter's Network 7:30 p.m. first and third Wednesdays of the month Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N. Lake Ave., Altadena Free Read more:” - Michelle J. Mills

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