Angels At Your Feet

Linda Geleris

With her new (third) solo CD, Linda Geleris aims to entertain you AND boost your faith using her God-given gifts; catchy songs with biblically inspired, thoughtful lyrics.

Linda Geleris Linda Geleris is a tall sunny extrovert. A few years ago she took a personality test, (and passed!) Although she does not aspire to higher office, three US presidents have her same exact personality type.

Growing up in New York, Linda was the carefree, creative "middle child" of a practical immigrant mother and a buttoned-down accountant father. It was a happy and secure upbringing, filled with love, nightly family dinners and healthy limits.
The best days of her youth and adolescence were spent glued to the radio, practicing Chopin on Grandma's Baldwin upright, singing in bands, playing guitar and writing songs.

For 20 years, Linda has been an active member of the greater Los Angeles performing and songwriting scene. Her song "Call Me Crazy" opens a Columbia TriStar film. Seeking more film and TV placements for her music, she recently signed a multi-song deal.

Recently, Linda has been working on a brand-new CD! The season of recording in Nashville and around Los Angeles coincided with a very busy and beautiful season of family milestones. THAT ALBUM IS FINALLY HERE! It's called "Angels At Your Feet." Get your copy now at or at

South of Mainstream
Review: "Lyrically, Linda is a gifted lady. As is very important in folk and folk-based songs, her lyrics tell stories. Her use and choice of words is imaginative and vibrant."

Discoveries Magazine Charles Donovan
Review: "Amongst these soon-to-be names is Linda Geleris, whose Sweet Eleven [from her album "If I Only Had a Minute"] is an insightful examination of a parent's desire to trap a moment in amber, and never relinquish it. Its understated intelligence and musicality recall the best of Beth Nielsen Chapman and Mary Chapin Carpenter." - See more at:

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