April 2018


Hello out there! I hope and pray that all is well in your world as I write. Today is a great day! Beyond the fact that it is sunny and warm outside, I am very blessed to be able to bring words and music together into units known as "songs." There are all kinds of songs in the world, to be sure. In part, because of my training with the wonderful Harriet Schock, and having participated in many of her group songwriting classes, I don't try to write "hit songs" but "heart songs." I don't mean that in the corny way it might sound, but truly, the songs that I desire to write, come from a place of the internal authenticity of who I am; my history, my experience, my thoughts and responses to past and present circumstances, good, bad or somewhere in between.




Spring News


Happy Spring!

I hope you are enjoying the warmth of the sun on your skin and the smell of orange blossoms in the air! It's another spectacular sunny day here in la-la land. I'm currently juggling multiple gardens; digging up, planting, weeding, replacing, pruning and marveling at the sight of emerging leaves, buds, and blossoms on flowering plants and fruit trees

Speaking of fruit...musically speaking, this past year has been very fruitful. I recorded a new solo CD! For this project, I made a few trips to to Nashville where it felt like I'd gone to music heaven - recording on Music Row in a studio where the walls were silent witnesses of the songs and voices of so many famous artists, past and present. During each visit, I was treated to the amazing hospitality of close friends who had long ago left Southern California and settled in Nashville. This CD, my 3rd solo project, is nearly complete, and I look forward to rolling it out in 2015. 

In other news, I recently "signed" a multi-song deal with a great company in New York. I Can't wait to get some of these songs pitched and placed in film, TV and commercials! 

I wish you all a Very Happy Spring! I'll keep you posted about new shows...then you can come and see me so I can see you!!!

Linda G 





Things are musically hopping lately, and I'm pleased to announce a number of updates, shows and developments. 

For a little over a year, I have been working on a new CD. Honestly, it is going slower than I had hoped, but I've learned that it's okay when things don't go exactly as planned. Artistic projects are in a sense entities with a life of their own, complete with their own timetables. (Can you tell I'm taking a philosophy class???)

By the way, I'm also reading a biography of Einstein, which I expect will make me smarter . . . and his story figures into my theory that "projects have a timetable of their own." His earthshattering scientific theory of special relativity was many years in the making. In the wake of its evolution, there were people who thought he was dumb, schools that kicked him out, mentors and professors whom he had offended, to the point of hampering his job prospects after graduating from Polytechnic University in Zurich. There were also romantic relationships, over which he tussled with his family, economic woes (his father's and eventually his own) and instances of anti-semitic persecution. But, however sporadically, he was constantly engaging his "art" which was imagining, thinking, and excercising his intellect scientifically. So you see, CDs and groundbreaking scientific discoveries have this in common: both take time, and exist alongside the daily activities in the lives of those who create them. They happen at their own pace. The key, I think, is to persevere and not give up. And that, I think is good advice for anyone engaging in any meaningful project or endeavor.  

May we all have the persistence of Einstein in our endeavors of creating + discovering + sharing our gifts. That's probably just as important equation as E=mc2

That's all I have time for right now. I hope your wonderful life is full of love and beauty. See you soon.

Linda G



First Place Winners at the 51st Annual Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest and Festival!


I am stunned and thrilled to announce that my "Women on the Move" Trio won first place yesterday at the 51st Annual Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest! 

In the morning's preliminary competition there were around 30 acts in our category on the "Railroad Stage." When the judges finished calculating their scores, they read off the names of the 5 finalists. The first 4 finalists' names were read and I was thinking 'oh, bummer' . . . then our name was read!

Then Women on the Move performed in the finals at around 4:30pm. on the Main Stage. It was amazing to be performing for thousands of people in that beautiful setting on a picture perfect day!

We wish to thank our fans for your support of us and our music! 


Women on the Move Trio Interview on Folkscene Radio with Roz Larman Sunday, March 28th 6pm.


FolkScene is a program of traditional and contemporary music featuring live music, interviews, remote recordings, and the finest in recorded music. Our official web site is based upon the radio program that is heard on Pacifica Radio Station, KPFK in Los Angeles, California at 90.7 FM and in Santa Barbara at 98.7 FM, and many more Internet and earthbound radio stations. The program is now hosted and produced by Roz Larman with Howard'sLoving Blessings, his spirit and presence with us in each broadcast, and engineered by Peter Cutler, DemoDoc Productions.


Just Back From Portland Tour!


After a great week touring from Los Angeles to Portland and back, I'm happy to report that it was a great trip of reaching out to new fans in new locations.


The name of my trio is "Women on the Move," and move we did! We had house concerts, an appearance at the prestigious "Portland Folk Music Society" hosted by Dick Weissman, and impromptu living room shows for our wonderful home hosts (who gave us beds and showers along the way, allowing us to keep hotel stays to a bare minimum.)


We even had one very memorable concert in a safe house which was so secret, we had to sign confidentiality forms and shred the address upon arrival for the safety and protection of the residents who are domestic violence survivors. One of the women, sitting in the front row had tears streaming down her face accompanied by a beaming smile as we sang our songs of hope and encouragement. There were many peak moments to our journey, but this one really moved us and showed us the vital power of music, and the role it plays in healing hearts.


At the Far-West Folk Alliance held this past November in Irvine, California, our trio shared a booth with potter and singer/songwriter Karl Smiley who had already booked us sight unseen (and unheard) for a house concert in his remote area of Oregon. I guess he was real nervous, until Joan and I performed in a showcase that he was hosting that weekend at the conference. He couldn't hide his relief as he told us how grateful he was that we didn't suck:) When we arrived in his tiny town last week, (that didn't even register on my GPS map,) we could see how real that pressure must have been, as the entire town came out to hear us play at their community center. If we had been awful, they never would have come to another of his concerts again!


The mayor of Summit (one day shy of his 80th birthday) invited us over for breakfast the next morning, and he shared his VERY fresh eggs (from his own home chicken coop) and very kind hospitality. We sang "Happy Birthday" in three part harmony and his eyes filled with tears. Earl is famous as the artist who has designed annual posters for the Monterey Jazz Festival, The Ashland Shakespeare Festival and the Venice Arts Festival here in Southern California, where his career began.


We opened for Chicago duo "The Small Potatoes" in San Luis Obispo and met many other wonderful musicians with a wide range of styles and backgrounds. If you're in that area, check out the Steynberg Gallery on Monterey Street (purveyor of fine art, coffees/teas, wine and beer) and a couple of doors down is "Splash Cafe" which has a great menu including phenomenal baked goods and lots of seafood yumminess. The owner really gushed about our act, which made us feel super-special.


We took tons of video and pictures . . . so keep your eyes peeled for new postings:)


Linda G[less]


So Many New Things!

Hi Everyone, There is so much new news . . . including rehearsals and performances with a bluegrass band called "Two Frets Lower," rehearsals, shows, and an upcoming tour to Portland with the trio "Women on the Move." There was a recent radio interview (Sat. Feb. 6th) which you will find in the "Press" section. I've played numerous shows in the Palm Desert, La Quinta, Palm Springs area. Women on the Move recently opened a women's conference at College of the Canyons. New songs are in the works. Music just keeps happening:)

Desert Gig at La Quinta!

Had a great show in the desert. Lots of people cruised by and many stopped to listen for a moment while browsing the shops and organic produce in Old Town La Quinta. Looking forward to my next show back here on Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010! Linda G