The Trouble With Love

by Linda Geleris

Released 2003
Released 2003
Unique lyrical explorations of universal themes in the 'Acoustic Pop Rock' style.
Linda's song "Call Me Crazy" is featured in the Columbia-Tri-Star film "Implicated."

Here is Charles Donovan's review of Linda's song "Sweet Eleven" which is featured on the "Schock Futures" compilation CD. "Amongst these soon-to-be names is Linda Geleris, whose Sweet Eleven is an insightful examination of a parent's desire to trap a moment in amber, and never relinquish it. Its understated intelligence and musicality recall the best of Beth Nielsen Chapman and Mary Chapin Carpenter." - To listen to a clip and/or purchase the "Schock Futures" CD, please visit

Lyrically, Linda is a gifted lady. As is very important in folk and folk-based songs, her lyrics tell stories. Her use and choice of words is imaginative and vibrant. In a review of Linda Geleris' CD "The Trouble With Love" by "spodysingalong" at

"Her smoky voice ran contrary to her blonde looks, and her catchy hooks left you humming." - Paul Andersen, music critic for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Linda is the founder of SongNet,( organization which provides a link between song creators and those who need songs for film/t.v. shows/video games/and up and coming recording artists who don't write songs, etc. She served as Press Liaison for the Songsalive! EXPO held at UCLA, Assistant to the Site Coordinator for the Call to the Arts EXPO at Cal State Northridge, and as the Events Coordinator for Brett Perkins' Listening Room concert series in Southern California.

Linda plays live regularly in L.A. and Orange County California. She writes constantly, and frequently has new songs to share at her performances. Her lyrics are an artful blend of imagination and education. (She holds a Master's Degree in Literature.)

Her ever-growing catalog of songs is perfect for use in film and t.v., expressing universal themes from her own particular viewpoint with honesty and skillful songcraft.