If I Only Had a Minute

by Linda Geleris

Released 2006
Released 2006
AAA soft rock with imaginative, strong lyrics, catchy melodies and generous portions of wit, wonder, wisdom and humor.
Linda Geleris demonstrates depth, imagination and musical versatility in her sophomore release “If I Only Had a Minute.” There are songs about longing, leavin’, lovin’, living and lamenting the loss of departed friends and family members. The mood swings from serious to sweet, and from sorrow to sublimely silly. You will find good ‘old fashioned rock and roll,' a tender ballad, a country song (“Naked”) and even an ode (to “Art Garfunkel’s Hair.”)

“My Version of You” is about her immigrant mother, who arrived on American soil as a teenager during the late 50s. With little information from her ‘proper’ mom, Linda uses her ripe imagination to ‘create’ her own version of what her mother might have been like at that age, in those “Happy Days,” “James Dean” times.

“Close to My Limit of You” is a bluesy rocker, which was Linda’s musical answer to an insensitive remark. She parallels in song the sentiments in the movie “I Love You to Death” in which Tracy Ullman inadvertently saves her husband’s life by lacing his spaghetti with sleeping pills before shooting him. His circulatory system slows down just enough to prevent the sudden fatal loss of blood. Oh the joys of humorous, non-lethal retaliation in song!

Sweet Eleven crystallizes the bittersweet moment in time when a parent realizes that their ‘little one’ is entering new territory. The epiphany occurs as mother and child sit “indian-style on the bedroom floor in a pile of childhood treasures” suspended, if you will, between the innocence of grammar school and the wonder of the ‘tween years. The milestone significance of the moment is realized amid the otherwise mundane tasks in the second verse:

"I stack up the clothes that have grown too small
As we talk of homework and basketball
Could be any old moment from a thousand days
But the tug in my heart tells me different
This is Sweet Eleven."

This recording is probably the only time you will hear the song without a broken voice by the time the line “I miss you already and you’re not even gone” rolls around in the last verse.

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